Moving in Spring

Spring is a wonderful season.  The flowers are blooming, the weather is pleasant and the days are longer.  If you are thinking to move, consider moving in spring time for the following advantages:

  • Mild Weather – Movers prefer the mild weather in spring as they move you without the extra layer of heavy clothes and without much of the sweat.  Also, the moving truck is probably not going to be stuck in the snow or requiring maintenance due to heavy use in the summer.
  • Cheaper Prices – Most moving companies are not yet fully booked and they lower prices due to the slower winter season.  Take advantage of that and book before memorial day weekend (this is when the prices generally escalate).
  • Flexible Schedules – Moving companies have very busy summer schedules, take advantage of spring scheduling to move on the actual day you select.
  • Best time to list and sell your home – Spring is the best time to list and sell your home.  Most people want to move and settle before the beginning of the new school year, they tend to put offers and buy homes by end of May.
  • Motivation to Complete your Spring Cleaning – when you move you clean out your clutter and this is a great motivation to complete this dreadful task.
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